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Welcome to The purpose of this website is to help people learn how to become a Mobius certified teacher. The following instructions are intended to help you maximize your experience using this site. is divided into three sections – Training Material, Exam and Teaching Material. The first section, Training Material contains the information you need to train for that particular level. You should read the material carefully and be familiar with all its contents. Upon reading and learning the material, you can take the on-line exam (second section). You will have three chances to pass the test.. Upon passing the exam, you will receive an invitation to one of our workshops. The workshop is an integral part of the training and is required to receive Mobius teacher certification. Once you have completed and passed the workshop, we will unlock third setion, Teacher  Material, for this level and the training material for the next.
0 Trainee - Register to be a teacher
1 Mobius Teacher - Pass the on-line test
- Attend and pass the workshop
2 Intermediate Mobius Teacher - Pass the on-line test
- Attend and pass the workshop
3 Advance Mobius Teacher - Pass the on-line test
- Taught at an approved Mobius school for at least 1 year
- Attend and pass the workshop
4 Master Mobius Teacher - Pass the on-line test
- Taught at an approved  Mobius school for at least 2 years
- Pass special requirements
Each level contains the following:
Training Material
This section contains the things teachers need to become a Mobius certified teacher for that particular level. The materials will contain articles, video files, and sound files teachers need to learn how to teach that particular level. It highly recommended that teachers learn the materials thoroughly and continue to review the past material even if they are a higher level teacher.
On-line Exam
The online exam is designed to test the your knowledge of the training material. You will have three attempts to pass the test. If you are unsuccessful, you will need to apply for more attempts. The questions from the exam are randomly assigned and will change after every attempt. Once you have passed, we will send you an invitation to participate in a training workshop.
Teaching Material
This section contains the materials you will need to teach the level you trained for. It contains the lesson plans, teacher's guides, video and audio files  and other materials teachers can use in the classroom. We will unlock this section when you have completed and passed the training workshop.
Training Workshop
After successfully passing the on-line exam, you will be invited to attend a training workshop. The workshop is an integral part of the training. During this time, teachers will learn new techniques and teaching methods. Not only will you learn new skills, but we will also have the opportunity to evaluate you and determine how well you have learned the Mobius method.
Before coming to the training workshop, it is highly recommended that you study the materials thoroughly and come fuly prepared. Also, please note that full attendance and punctuality is mandatory. Those who do not meet our criteria, come unprepared, skip parts of the workshop or come excessively late, WILL NOT receive the certificate of completion and will not be able to advance to the next level.

Who are we?
Mobius international English language school provides online teacher training, English teacher training, and online learning services in Taiwan.